Develop confidence in the way

you teach and talk about yoga in class

With realisation of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.
– Dalai Lama

Do you want to become a successful, sought-after yoga teacher?

Do you want to develop the right skills and knowledge as you start teaching others?

Do you have questions about starting your own practice, managing student expectations and how to stay updated in your own practice?

Learning yoga and then teaching it to others needs two separate skills. As a teacher, you need the ability to spot what your students are struggling with, communicate how to perform sequences correctly and be comfortable with making hands-on adjustments.

If you’ve recently completed a yoga certification or are a trainee teacher and wondering where to go from here, I can help you make a strong start and strike the right balance.

I guide and mentor you to find your own path

Every yogi must find his or her own path, and so must you. All I do is to guide, advise and support you from my own experiences and help you become the best you can be.

The mentorship program will teach you a wide range of essential skills and knowledge that’ll help you both on and off the mat, to maintain the teachings and help people get the best from you.

You’ll get direct and honest feedback on how to improve with tips and advice you can implement right away.

As part of my yoga mentoring program, you’ll learn how to:

work with students’ expectations and interactions

teach a great yoga class every time

communicate the sequences and using the right language in class

spot student cues and how to help

adjust postures using your hands and instructions

hold successful yoga events

keep the students moving together

become confident about pranayama and meditation techniques

use a combination of skills, knowledge, and techniques to create your unique yoga practice

find time to keep developing your own practice

find resources for ongoing learning

create your own yoga sequences

incorporate a business mindset into your yoga practice e.g. pricing, when to work for free, how to approach studios and finding private clients

Finally, it’s about finding your own light and following it to help you become an inspiring teacher.

Advanced Yoga

How we can work together

Here’s what to expect when you sign up for the yoga mentorship program:


We will have a FREE 20 minutes call to chat about the program and clarify is this is for you.

When you’ve been approved a deposit of $160 is required prior to the commencement of the program, and is redeemed towards the total cost of the program, on the last and final session. This deposit is non refundable and non transferrable.


In the event that you decide to cancel your Mentorship Program at any time, your initial deposit is non refundable and is forfeited.


Payment for each session must be made to Catarina Sartor prior to each session commencing. Payments can be made online via Direct Deposit or PayPal. Please contact me directly to book your 20min FREE chat for details.