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Get fit, confident and mentally refreshed.

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Calm your mind, feel super energetic and release your stress

Your hectic lifestyle, work and other commitments leave you feeling tired, drained out and unable to live life to the fullest. Why not stop and breathe for a while with a yoga practice designed to fill you with abundant peace, strength, flexibility and inner stillness?

My name is Catarina Sartor , a senior yoga teacher and Ayurveda consultant in Sydney. I help students develop and nurture a love for yoga, and experience its physical, spiritual and mental health benefits. My yoga and Ayurveda services are available online or face to face.

A unique yoga practice for real people who want good health and inner calm

My students are beginners, corporate employees, senior leaders and managers, university teachers, professional dancers, new yoga teachers, seniors (55+) and athletes looking for an engaging and effective yoga practice.
I teach a mix of classical yoga, movement, meditation and relaxation techniques to help you become flexible, get healthier, stronger, feel relaxed, younger and peaceful. I call it my special ‘yoga cocktail’.

My special mix combines physical postures (classical yoga), essential body movements combined with breath awareness/control (pranayama), deep body and mind relaxation, and meditation to create a holistic and functional yoga experience for you.

If you want a no-pressure, guided environment to explore yoga, release tension, improve flexibility, or supplement your existing exercise regime, this practice will spark a light in your life.

Catarina Sartor ashtanga yoga teacher

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